2022 World Cup qualifier rules

8/30/2021 9:29:45 AM

    The World Cup qualifiers are in full swing on all continents. Many fans are not very clear about the rules of qualifying groups for the World Cup. Combining the Qatar World Cup qualifiers on all continents, we will give you an introduction. Generally speaking, the World Cup will have qualifiers in 6 regions. And competed out to participate in the World Cup 32 teams. Each continent has 13 seats in Europe, 5 seats in Africa, 4.5 seats in South America, 3.5 seats in North and Central America and the Caribbean, 4.5 seats in Asia, and 0.5 seats in Oceania. European and African countries advance directly, and four countries in Asia, South America, Central and North America, and Oceania draw lots to compete against each other to advance to the World Cup.

    1. European teams

    The 55 countries of the European teams will compete in three rounds. First, 55 will score 10. According to the FIFA points, they will be divided into 10 groups for a two-round round robin. The first place in the group will advance directly. In the second round, the 10 teams ranked second, plus the two European Union countries with the best results. The 12 teams were divided into 4 groups for a single round, and the 3 group winners were determined to advance to the World Cup.

    2. African teams

    A total of 54 African teams participated in the Qatar World Cup. Three qualifiers were held and 5 teams advanced to the finals.

    The first round was participated by the 28 teams from the bottom of the FIFA ranking in Africa;

    In the second round, the 14 winning teams plus the top 26 teams, a total of 40 teams were divided into 10 groups, and 10 groups were selected first.

    In the third round, 10 groups were divided into 5 groups by the first two-by-two draw, and 5 places were decided to directly advance to the World Cup.

    3. Asian teams

    The Asian qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup are divided into three rounds. In the first round, the 12 teams with the lowest rankings in FIFA in Asia (35-46th) participated, and 6 winners were decided.

    In the second round, 6 winners made up the top 34 of the Asian FIFA rankings to form the top 40 competition, divided into 8 groups, 8 groups first and 4 groups with the best results to advance to the top 12 competition.

    The third round is the top 12 competition, divided into two groups AB, each group has 6 teams, the top two of the AB groups will advance directly, and the third place in the AB group will compete for 0.5 places in the play-offs.

    4. Central North America and the Caribbean

    The teams in North and Central America are more troublesome, and the game is directly divided into six groups and low groups. The hex group is participated by the top 6 FIFA teams in Central and North America, and the top three teams will directly advance to the World Cup finals.

    The 29 teams in the low group competed for a winner and played two rounds with the fourth place in the hexagonal group. The winner got 0.5 places in Central and North America.

    5. South American teams

    There are a total of 10 South American teams, and they will directly play a 10-person home and away minor league. The top 4 will advance directly, and the fifth place will get 0.5 places in South America.

    6. Oceania team

    There are a total of 11 Oceanian teams. In fact, they are the easiest to play a small league like South America, but they have to play 3 rounds. In the first round, 4 teams with lower FIFA rankings will play a single round-robin group stage, and finally one team will advance.

    In the second round, the winner of the previous round and the other seven teams, a total of 8 teams were divided into two groups for a single-round group match. The 6 best teams entered the third round.

    In the third round, 6 teams were divided into two groups. The two groups decided the first place in two groups, and the two groups first competed for 0.5 places in Oceania. This place has always been New Zealand.

    7. Four 0.5-place play-offs

    The four teams from Asia, South America, Oceania, and Central and North America will draw lots, and the two winning teams will participate in the World Cup.

    These are the qualifying rules for the Qatar World Cup qualifiers on all continents.

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