The defending African Cup champion is 15 times colder

1/17/2022 9:19:15 AM

In the second round of the African Cup of Nations, the two games in Group E were unpopular. Among them, Algeria lost 0-1 to Equatorial Guinea, which was a 15-fold cold loss! With the last round of the African Cup of Nations remaining in the group stage, Algeria, the defending champions of the last African Cup, is on the verge of being eliminated.

Before the start of the African Cup of Nations, Algeria, as the defending champion, was undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the championship. The team ranked second in the list of winning odds, and there were leaders such as Manchester City winger Mahrez. However, after the team's upset loss to Equatorial Guinea, the current group qualification is in jeopardy, and the unbeaten record of 35 games has been ended. Algeria has now fallen to sixth in the odds of winning the title.

The host country, Cameroon, has risen to the first place. As the host, Cameroon's only goal is to win the championship. The team's current chemical reaction is quite good and the state is in good shape. A draw against Cape Verde in the last round can lock the first place in the group. Although Cameroon did not lock the top two in the group, the third place in many other groups could not reach 6 points, so Cameroon locked the top 16 seats in advance.

Egypt, which owns Salah, was unfavorable, but the situation improved by winning Guinea-Bissau in the second round, and Salah also scored the winning goal. As the team that has won the most championships (7 times) in the history of the African Cup, facing the weakest Sudan in the group in the final round, there is basically no problem.

It is worth mentioning that from 2006 to 2010, Egypt won the championship for three consecutive years, and the defending champions of the subsequent sessions have not won the championship. And since Egypt won the championship as the host in 2006, the subsequent hosts have not been able to get in the championship. Whether the current host, Cameroon, can continue its good state and successfully win the championship is also a major point of interest.