Senegal won the African Cup of Nations, the president awarded two plots of land + 75,000 euros per person

2/9/2022 10:28:07 AM

After winning the African Cup of Nations in Senegal, the President of Senegal, in addition to the bonus, will also reward the national team with two plots for stadium construction.

On Tuesday, Senegalese President Macky Sall awarded a prize of 75,000 euros to each player of the national team who won the African Cup for the first time. In addition to this, a 200-square-meter plot in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, and a 500-square-meter plot in Diamandio were awarded for the construction of the stadium.

McGee-Saler said: "We dreamed of winning the trophy, and you achieved this great dream, the country and the people salute you." The entire team of 60 people will receive the National Lion Medal awarded by McGee-Saler .

Players and members of the delegation will each receive a reward of 50 million CFA francs, or about 75,000 euros, which is already a very high reward in African countries.

Regarding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, McKee-Salle said: "I won't ask you to win the World Cup, but reaching the semi-finals is a good result." But before that, Senegal first needs to qualify, they will be in The World Cup Africa qualifier against Egypt in March.