Premier League Betting

2/22/2022 10:46:44 AM

When does the EPL 2021-2022 season start and end and how many matches are played?
The 2021-2022 season starts on August 14th, 2021 and ends on May 22nd, 2022. There are 380 matches to be played in total. 

How long is the EPL transfer window?
The Premier League transfer window is open once the regular season games finish and then remains open for 12 weeks.

When is the EPL transfer window deadline?
The summer transfer window opens on June 9, 2021, and closes on August 31st, 2021, so teams have until this date to conclude their transfer business.

Which bookie has the best Premier League betting odds?
Where can I find the best Premier League betting tips?
Whats the best Premier League betting site?

How to win by betting on the EPL?
One only needs a 52% win rate at fair odds, because bookmakers in recent years reduced their margins on the bigger football competitions.

When does the English Premier League season start?
The English Premier League season starts in August and runs all the way through to May.

How many teams participate in the English Premier League?
There are 20 Premier League teams. Each team plays each other twice, meaning that each team has 38 matches throughout the season.

When will the English Premier League season finish?
The season finishes in May. At that point, the Premier League results will be known, along with which teams will be facing relegation or going forward to play in other tournaments.

When does the English Premier League Transfer window close?
The transfer window closes just ahead of the first Premier League fixtures. Generally, teams can no longer buy players at that point, although they can sell players to other leagues until the end of August.

Who is the favourite to become the English Premier League's 21/22 top scorer?
The current player to watch out for is Harry Kane, as the striker is having a couple of terrific seasons at Tottenham.

How many matches are played in the English Premier League?
Each one of the 20 teams in the Premier League plays 38 matches. It's 38 matches because every single team faces 19 other teams twice (home and away fixtures). There are 380 matches in total due to the fact each game is counted both for the home and away team, and needs to be omitted twice in order to avoid double accounting for the same fixture.

Where to bet on the English Premier League?
The English Premier League is incredibly popular and there are many bookmakers offering bets on it. Check Easywin to find out who is offering the best Premier League odds at any given time!

How to predict EPL matches?
Do not let your team sympathies affect your picks
Consider game-day match information such as injuries and lineup matchups
Look at the team form and keep recent performance in mind
Do not overestimate the big teams as clear favourites
Consider direct head-to-head stats, but only for matches played in this and the last season
Explore the league tables, they may seem simple on the surface, but they give you more information such as score differentials.

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