Highlights of qualifying in six regions of the World Cup qualifier

3/24/2022 1:57:29 PM

1. Asia
In fact, the situation of the two groups in Asia is still clear. Iran and South Korea in group A have definitely qualified, just to see who can win the first place. As for the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Iraq, they will compete for the third place in the group to move to the play off. In group B, Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia hope to qualify in the first two places of the group to avoid falling into third place.
2. Africa
There will be five World Cup playoffs in Africa, of which nine teams have participated in the earlier African Cup, but the Democratic Republic of Congo is a more mysterious team. As for the final, the focus will be on Egypt and Senegal. In addition, Mali is the only one of the ten teams that has not played the world cup. It depends on whether they can beat Tunisia.
3. North America and the Caribbean
In North America and the Caribbean, the United States, Mexico and Canada can be said to stand on top of each other, and their chances of directly qualifying can be said to be secure. As for the fourth place playoff seat, it is also inseparable from the competition between Panama and Costa Rica.
4. South America
Brazil and Argentina have already qualified in the South American division, and it is believed that Ecuador will soon lock the qualification seat. On the contrary, the other four or five teams will continue to fight to the end, including Chile, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay. I believe the war must be quite intense.
5. Oceania
As the Oceania Division has only 0.5 seats, even if it can break through, it may not be able to participate in the World Cup finals. Of course, it is generally estimated that New Zealand's strength should be a stronger team.
6. European Region
Finally, the European region is believed to be the most concerned by fans. In addition to Russia being punished, Poland will take the lead in reaching the playoff final, while other teams need to pass two passes to qualify for the world cup, and the focus events may be Portugal against Turkey and Italy against northern Macedonia.