World Cup top 32 strength rankings: Argentina tops France!

6/27/2022 5:28:04 AM

The famous media "90min" ranked the strength of the top 32, let's take a look at the specific results.

The media believes that the strongest player in this World Cup is Argentina. Under the leadership of Messi, the Pampas Eagles have successively won the Copa America and the European and American Cups.

The second place is the defending champion France, sitting on Mbappe and Benzema, their offensive strength is quite outstanding, and the defensive line is also famous. The third place is Brazil, led by Neymar, and the five-star Samba, ranked first in the world, is striving to win the World Cup for the sixth time.

The fourth place is England, after all, the semi-finals of the last World Cup and the runner-up of the European Cup. Fifth is Germany, sixth is Spain, and Portugal, led by Ronaldo, is only seventh.

Ranked second in the FIFA world, Belgium ranks eighth, and the golden generation has never won the championship. The ninth place is the Netherlands, and the tenth place is the dark horse Denmark of the last European Cup.

In terms of 6 Asian teams, Japan, the strongest, ranked 17th. South Korea, led by Son Heung-min, ranked 19th. Iran is 27th, and the bottom three are Australia at 30th, Qatar at 31st, and Saudi Arabia at 32nd.


Argentina, France, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark


Croatia, Senegal, Uruguay, Serbia, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Wales

No. 21-32:

Ecuador, Ghana, Canada, United States, Morocco, Cameroon, Iran, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia