The full fixture list for the 2022/23 Serie A season

8/10/2022 9:43:39 AM

The full fixture list for the 2022/23 Serie A season


The 2022/23 Serie A fixture list has been announced, are you ready to start betting?

The 2022/23 Serie A schedule has been announced, starting on August 13, 2022 and ending on June 3, 2023. Serie A will usher in a break after the 15th round on November 12, and the 16th round will be Resume on January 3, 2023.

The opening match list, Juventus vs. Sassuolo, defending champions AC Milan vs. Udinese at home, Inter Milan vs. Lecce away.

The main event, Milan Derby, the first round, September 03, 2022, the fifth round of the league, AC Milan vs. Inter Milan, the second round, February 4, 2023, the 21st round of the league, Inter Milan at home against AC Milan.

Clasico, the first leg, November 05, 2022, the 13th round of the league, Juventus vs. Inter Milan, the second leg, March 18, 2023, the 27th round of the league, Inter Milan vs. Juventus s.

Rome City Derby, the first round, on November 05, 2022, the 13th round of the league, Rome vs. Lazio at home, the second round, on March 18, 2023, the 27th round of the league, Lazio at home against Rome.

Defending champion AC Milan vs. Serie A overlord Juventus, the first round, October 8, 2022, the 9th round of the league, the second round, May 28, 2023, the 37th round of the league.

August 13 2022


Sampdoria vs Atalanta (10:00 PM)


Milan vs Udinese (10:00 PM)


August 14 2022


Monza vs Torino (12:15 AM)


Lecce vs Inter (12:15 AM)


Fiorentina vs Cremonese (10:00 PM)


Lazio vs Bologna (10:00 PM)



August 15 2022


Spezia vs Empoli (12:15 AM)


Salernitana vs Roma (12:15 AM)


Verona vs Napoli (10:00 PM)


Juventus vs Sassuolo (10:00 PM)



August 20 2022


Torino vs Lazio (10:00 PM)

Udinese vs Salernitana (10:00 PM)

August 21 2022

Inter vs Spezia (12:15 AM)

Sassuolo vs Lecce (12:15 AM)

Empoli vs Fiorentina (10:00 PM)

Napoli vs Monza (10:00 PM)

August 22 2022

Bologna vs Verona (12:15 AM)

Atalanta vs Milan (12:15 AM)

Roma vs Cremonese (10:00 PM)

August 23 2022

Sampdoria vs Juventus (12:15 AM)


August 26 2022


Monza vs Udinese (10:00 PM)

Lazio vs Inter (12:15 AM)

August 27 2022


Juventus vs Roma (10:00 PM)

Cremonese vs Torino (10:00 PM)

August 28 2022


Spezia vs Sassuolo (12:15 AM)

Milan vs Bologna (12:15 AM)

Verona vs Atalanta (10:00 PM)

Salernitana vs Sampdoria (10:00 PM)

August 29 2022

Lecce vs Empoli (12:15 AM)

Fiorentina vs Napoli (12:15 AM)

August 30 2022


Sassuolo vs Milan (10:00 PM)

August 31 2022

Inter vs Cremonese (12:15 AM)

Roma vs Monza (12:15 AM)

Empoli vs Verona (10:00 PM)

Sampdoria vs Lazio (10:00 PM)

Udinese vs Fiorentina (10:00 PM)

September 1 2022

Juventus vs Spezia (12:15 AM)

Napoli vs Lecce (12:15 AM)

September 2 2022

Atalanta vs Torino (12:15 AM)

Bologna vs Salernitana (12:15 AM)

September 4 2022


Cremonese vs Sassuolo

Fiorentina vs Juventus

Lazio vs Napoli

Milan vs Inter

Monza vs Atalanta

Salernitana vs Empoli

Spezia vs Bologna

Torino vs Lecce

Udinese vs Roma

Verona vs Sampdoria


September 11 2022


Atalanta vs Cremonese

Bologna vs Fiorentina

Empoli vs Roma

Inter vs Torino

Juventus vs Salernitana

Lazio vs Verona

Lecce vs Monza

Napoli vs Spezia

Sampdoria vs Milan

Sassuolo vs Udinese


September 18


Bologna vs Empoli

Cremonese vs Lazio

Fiorentina vs Verona

Milan vs Napoli

Monza vs Juventus

Roma vs Atalanta

Salernitana vs Lecce

Spezia vs Sampdoria

Torino vs Sassuolo

Udinese vs Inter


October 2 2022


Atalanta vs Fiorentina

Empoli vs Milan

Inter vs Roma

Juventus vs Bologna

Lazio vs Spezia

Lecce vs Cremonese

Napoli vs Torino

Sampdoria vs Monza

Sassuolo vs Salernitana

Verona vs Udinese



October 9 2022


Bologna vs Sampdoria

Cremonese vs Napoli

Fiorentina vs Lazio

Milan vs Juventus

Monza vs Spezia

Roma vs Lecce

Salernitana vs Verona

Sassuolo vs Inter

Torino vs Empoli

Udinese vs Atalanta


October 16 2022


Atalanta vs Sassuolo

Empoli vs Monza

Inter vs Salernitana

Lazio vs Udinese

Lecce vs Fiorentina

Napoli vs Bologna

Sampdoria vs Roma

Spezia vs Cremonese

Torino vs Juventus

Verona vs Milan


October 23 2022


Atalanta vs Lazio

Bologna vs Lecce

Cremonese vs Sampdoria

Fiorentina vs Inter

Juventus vs Empoli

Milan vs Monza

Roma vs Napoli

Salernitana vs Spezia

Sassuolo vs Verona

Udinese vs Torino

October 30 2022


Cremonese vs Udinese

Empoli vs Atalanta

Inter vs Sampdoria

Lazio vs Salernitana

Lecce vs Juventus

Monza vs Bologna

Napoli vs Sassuolo

Spezia vs Fiorentina

Torino vs Milan

Verona vs Roma


November 6 2022


Atalanta vs Napoli

Bologna vs Torino

Empoli vs Sassuolo

Juventus vs Inter

Milan vs Spezia

Monza vs Verona

Roma vs Lazio

Salernitana vs Cremonese

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina

Udinese vs Lecce


November 9 2022


Cremonese vs Milan

Fiorentina vs Salernitana

Verona vs Juventus

Inter vs Bologna

Lazio vs Monza

Lecce vs Atalanta

Napoli vs Empoli

Sassuolo vs Roma

Spezia vs Udinese

Torino vs Sampdoria


November 13 2022


Atalanta vs Inter

Bologna vs Sassuolo

Empoli vs Cremonese

Juventus vs Lazio

Milan vs Fiorentina

Monza vs Salernitana

Napoli vs Udinese

Roma vs Torino

Sampdoria vs Lecce

Verona vs Spezia


January 4 2023


Cremonese vs Juventus

Fiorentina vs Monza

Inter vs Napoli

Lecce vs Lazio

Roma vs Bologna

Salernitana vs Milan

Sassuolo vs Sampdoria

Spezia vs Atalanta

Torino vs Verona

Udinese vs Empoli


January 8 2023


Bologna vs Atalanta

Fiorentina vs Sassuolo

Juventus vs Udinese