Group B: England has hidden dangers, Wales still looks at Bell

11/8/2022 10:42:57 AM

In fact, similar to Group A, Group B, where England, Iran, the United States and Wales are located, does not seem to be a group with a huge “rich-poor gap”. The fourth-placed England team in the last World Cup is slightly higher in strength, but for the Three Lions who often lose their chains in the competition, it is not easy to go very far this time, and the group stage may be very difficult. 

For coach Gareth Southgate, the trouble with participating in the competition before was which right-backs to bring, but now, what troubles him has become the limited number of right-backs available. You know, over the past few years, almost every player in this position has contributed to England's attack and defense. Today, the occurrence of this "lame" situation has also become the biggest hidden danger of the "Three Lions". After all, only Trippier, a trusted right-back, is far from enough. The pressure on Southgate is arguably the heaviest in four years.

As the top scorer in the last World Cup, Kane's ambition remains the same, that is, to strive to defend this award. For the England team, if the captain can continue in good form, then the Three Lions, which are dominated by young people, are very hopeful to pursue good results. However, the sluggish performance of the UEFA Nations League has caused some concerns about the England team's World Cup prospects. It depends on whether the England players represented by Kane can shoulder greater responsibilities in Qatar.

In contrast, the least pressured team in the same group should be the Wales team that advanced to the World Cup finals for the first time. When he came to Doha, the core player Bell's task has been completed, so even if he is basically in the "drawing" state in the American Major League, it still does not affect his core position in the Welsh team. If there were Giggs and Bellamy in the original, then the current Wales team mainly relies on Bell. Since 2016, Bell has never disappointed fans in intercontinental events. All kinds of wonderful moves and lore goals have made everyone look forward to Wales' first World Cup trip. At least I want to see if Bell can bring Wales Where does the team take.

Even if he can't play the main force in the major leagues of the United States, on the stage of international competitions, this man is still not to be underestimated. The reason is very simple. He is a "sage" and can often create miracles. He is the greatest hope of the Wales team, and almost single-handedly led the team to the World Cup finals for the first time, and this is a height that many seniors have never reached. In Qatar, don't be surprised if Bell breaks out again, because he has such ability.

The absence of the 2018 World Cup has put a lot of pressure on American football. After 4 years of dormancy, they are finally back on the World Cup stage, but it is almost impossible for them to reach the heights they did in Brazil in 2014. . On the one hand, the team's overall strength is not outstanding now. Even if there are young people with excellent skills like Reina and Pulisic in the team, in other positions, they can play the main force or play an important role in the mainstream European leagues. The number of players in the role is not large, so it is unlikely that the US team will want to replicate the miracle of advancing to the top 8 20 years ago after returning to the World Cup.

Pulisic is very much in the spotlight, as can be seen from the fact that he regularly dominates the headlines. As the number one star of the current US team, his every move affects the hearts of fans. Although Pulisic, who is worth more than 40 million euros, is not the main force of Chelsea, his ability is still enough to make him the core of the US team. If Pulisic can stay healthy during the World Cup, he could well be a big bright spot.

The same is true for the Iranian team. It stands to reason that they have a striker of the level of Talemi. They are enough to break the arm with a strong team, but unfortunately, there are too few players of this level in the "Persian Iron Cavalry", and they are all concentrated in up front. This "top-heavy" combination also makes the outside world not optimistic about the prospects of the Iranian team, and it is even more difficult to achieve the goal of breaking out of the group. After all, the competition in the World Cup focuses on the overall hard power. Even if Taremi is strong, if his teammates cannot provide him with continuous support, it will be difficult for him to perform particularly well. It is a more realistic goal for Iran to avoid the bottom of the group.

Can an Iranian player become the main striker for a quasi-rich European team? The answer is yes, he is Taremi, Porto's top scorer. The 30-year-old has played consistently and steadily in the Champions League and Portuguese Super League this season, especially in the European war, scoring 5 goals in 5 games, His efficient performance has made him the focus of media attention time and time again. On the World Cup stage, the Iranian team will also rely on Talemi. Only if he keeps breaking goals can the Iranian team achieve the desired results.