2022 Qatar World Cup prize money plan announced

11/15/2022 8:47:49 AM

It has been known that the total investment amount and total bonus amount of the Qatar World Cup will completely exceed your imagination.

According to the data, the Qatar World Cup has received a total investment of nearly 220 billion US dollars, which also shows that 32 teams from various countries can get the best treatment in Qatar, and they have enough funds to ensure the players' daily life. In addition, the World Cup prize money this time is also very generous, and the total amount has reached 440 million. Compared with the 400 million bonus of the previous World Cup in Russia, it has increased by 40 million, and the champion team can get 42 million bonus in this World Cup, which will be the highest championship bonus in history.

In addition to the coveted championship trophy for players from all over the world, the runner-up can also get a prize of 30 million US dollars, and the third runner-up also has 27 million. Even the fourth place has a bonus of 25 million, the fifth and eighth place can get 17 million respectively, and the ninth to 16th teams can get 13 million, even if they are out of the group stage. Teams can get 9 million. This means that as long as you participate in the World Cup, you can basically get about 10 million yuan, which also makes many fans very excited.