World Cup Portugal vs Ghana

11/24/2022 11:50:05 AM

World Cup Portugal vs Ghana

      Venue: Ras Abu Abadi Stadium


      Portugal's road to Qatar's promotion is very bumpy. They lost the qualification for direct promotion by 3 points in the European qualifiers and had to pass the play-offs to get the World Cup finals place. Judging from the roster announced by the team, the Five Shields are very strong on paper, with ample manpower on both ends of the offense and defense, but whether these players can have an excellent chemical reaction remains to be confirmed. After all, this team was last year. The European Cup and this year's World Cup qualifiers and the UEFA Nations League have not performed very well. The first match of the World Cup group stage is Ghana, which is a very crucial battle for Portugal to qualify for the group stage.

      For Ghana:

      In a national team friendly match last week, Salisu and Semeno, who came off the bench, scored for the team, and Ghana finally defeated Switzerland 2-0, showing a good state before the World Cup. At present, Ghana's squad is mostly made up of young players, and their lack of competition experience is their biggest weakness. It is worth mentioning that Arsenal's animal waist Thomas Partey is the absolute brain and core of the team. Not only does he make a huge contribution on the defensive end, but his role on the offensive end is also very crucial. However, in the qualifiers, Ghana's offense was slightly weak, and in order to stand out from the group, more offensive players must stand up.