World Cup Betting: Brazil vs Switzerland

11/28/2022 1:26:51 PM

World Cup Brazil vs Switzerland

      Venue: Ras Abu Abadi Stadium


      In the first group stage of the World Cup, the favorite Brazil team ushered in the challenge of the Serbian team. Richarlison scored twice, especially the second goal with an upside-down golden hook, which stunned the audience and helped the five-star Brazil beat Serbia 2-0, ushering in a good start. This World Cup, the Brazilian team's roster can be described as shining stars. The players in the team are not only famous, but also in good shape. They qualified for the South American qualifiers with an unbeaten record, with a winning rate of over 80%, which is almost unstoppable. Currently in Group G, Brazil is temporarily ahead of Switzerland on goal difference. In this round, Brazil has a slightly unfavorable situation that the top star Neymar will be absent due to injury. In the last World Cup, Brazil and Switzerland were in the same group, when the two sides tied 1-1.

      For Switzerland:


      Switzerland met Cameroon in the first round of Group G of the World Cup. In the end, Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 with Embolo's goal, ushering in a good start in this World Cup. Although the Swiss team is called the "Army Knife" by fans, the European team has always been known for its defense. Especially now, the Swiss team under the rule of Jakin has only conceded 2 goals in the 8 games of the World Qualifiers, and their fiery state has helped them beat the new European Cup champion Italy team to qualify. Facing five-star Brazil in this round of the group stage, the Swiss team drew a 1:1 draw with their opponents in the last World Cup and broke a small upset. Now they will challenge the "Samba Legion" again with the spirit of winning the first game.

      Historical record: Brazil has 0 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses in the past 1 games.