Messi surpasses Maradona in World Cup appearances

12/1/2022 2:35:29 PM

Argentina defeated Poland 2-0 in the World Cup Group C group match in Qatar and advanced to the top of the group.

In this game, Messi made his debut. He has played 22 times in the five World Cups, surpassing the Argentine star Maradona.

In the 38th minute of the game, Messi was hit in the face by Szczesny while fighting for the top in the penalty area. The referee on duty awarded a penalty kick after reviewing VAR. However, Messi's penalty kick was saved by Szczesny.

Although he missed a penalty kick, Messi's performance in this game was remarkable and he created opportunities for the team many times. In Messi's five World Cups, Argentina has never been eliminated from the group stage.

After qualifying at the top of the group, Argentina will face Australia in the knockout round.