How do you play the scratch cards games?

4/7/2021 5:47:46 AM

    How do you play the scratch card games?

    Scratch tickets are already the best bet you can possibly make.  

    But, Be very careful you don't scratch anything that says "If you scratch here, your ticket will be VOID", or something like that.  Some states used to put a special code that would void the ticket if revealed.  ( I don't know if anyone still does that now.)

    Do yourself a HUGE favor if you start buying scratch tickets.  KEEP TRACK of how much you spend on them and how much you win.  I'll tell you what you will find out after a while:

    Over time you will see that for every dollar you spend, you will "win" back approximately 50 cents.  So once you reach the $100 "spent", you will have "won" back around $50 ON AVERAGE.  You might get lucky once in a while, but over time you'll see that I'm right.  You'll "win" back only about 50% of what you spend.