Do you like Playing the scratch card lottery?

4/7/2021 7:58:03 AM

   You go about getting scratch tickets at any place that sells lottery tickets, usually, most gas stations and even grocery stores are the places to go buy scratch games.

  1. Usually,  scratching the ticket to reveal symbols or numbers depending on the ticket, and then looking at the rules to see if you won. Usually, they are on tickets, but you can also find them on the Washington state lottery site. If you win a small amount of money, usually under $600, you can cash those at any place that sells lottery tickets so it can be a different place from where you bought the tickets. If you win a large amount of money, then you will have to go to one of the lottery offices in your state to collect the prize.

    2. Yes, people do win prizes playing scratch-off tickets, but most either break even or lose money. The $20 tickets, which is a very risky bet, typically have the best odds of any of the other scratch-off tickets and still, the average odds are somewhere around 1 in 3.15 which pretty much means 1 in 3 tickets is a winner of a prize and the majority of the prizes in a $20 scratch off ticket is $20 so you break even assuming you only bought one ticket. Your typical odds on a $1 scratch-off ticket are 1 in 3.96 but what I'm looking at is a lot of the $1 tickets in Washington have average odds of around 1 in 4.5, that's not good.