Lesley Herbert from Basingstoke wins £2m on scratch card

4/9/2021 5:14:13 AM

    A BASINGSTOKE mum has scooped 2million on a scratch card after popping out to Co-op to pick up some spinach and a chocolate bar.

    Lesley Herbert, 42, told the cash assistant at the Limes Park store in Rooksdown that she was ‘feeling lucky’ when she bought the items.

    There is a one in 3.38 chance of winning a prize, according to The National Lottery. And it turns out it was Lesley’s lucky day.

    "I popped to the shops to buy some spinach, of all things, but decided against it and ended up getting a chocolate orange bar. For some reason I was also feeling quite lucky, so treated myself to a Monopoly Riches National Lottery scratch card", she said.

    Having lost her grandfather last year, Lesley said she felt convinced that someone was watching over her during that exact moment, saying: "When I went to the shop, I even said to the shop assistant ‘I’m feeling lucky today’. My grandad died in December and he always used to say to me ‘when I win the lottery, I’ll buy you the big house on top of the hill,’ so I can’t help feeling he was with me that day, telling me to buy the ticket - I just wish he was here to see it."

    Lesley took the 5 scratch card home where she scratched off the items and initially couldn’t believe what she was saying.

    "I played the scratch card at home, thankfully one of my sons is home-working so was able to tell me I wasn’t seeing things when I revealed the 2M winning symbol, and that I’d better call Camelot," she said.