Why has sports betting taken off in Africa?

4/9/2021 11:30:56 AM

    Why has sports betting taken off in Africa

    1) High enthusiasm for sports

    Sports are popular around the globe, but anyone familiar with Africa knows that sport holds a special place in the hearts of many Africans. While football is the most popular sport across the continent, it is by no means the only sport in town. Rugby, cricket and running matches usually attract millions of spectators and fans who gather in bars and cafes to watch matches and tournaments.

    The high level of interest in football does benefit from the number of national leagues around the world, which leads to a plenitude of teams to choose from. There are various football leagues in Europe and South America, countries that participate in FIFA competitions, and local and regional teams all over Africa. With hundreds of games and millions of viewers each season, the number and variety of bets is endless.

    Look at the popularity of the Premier League in Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, nearly 280 million people watch TV each year, and the number is expected to grow rapidly. In Nigeria, the Premier League is so popular that they are starting to partner with local brands, creating a key driver of economic growth. Some Nigerian states have even created festivals around the Premier League, such as "Arsenal Day ", which shows the level of African investment in the Premier League brand.

    The strong interest in the Premier League can be traced back to the many African players playing for Premier League teams. Now, every day, Africans see their fellow citizens begin to appear in sports at the highest level, broadcast around the world. Watching their countrymen play on television in stadiums around the world has made Africans love these teams and their heroes even more.

    2) The population is getting younger

    Africa has the world's largest population of 15 - to 24-year-olds, with more than 200 million young people. This presents a unique opportunity for the growth of digital sports betting, as young people globally are using technology at a higher rate than any previous generation.

    "In this environment, it's easy to see how attractive mobile sports betting is to young people, as a small bet of $1 has the chance to win $500."

    One of the interesting intersections related to the high youth population is the high level of youth unemployment in Africa. This could lead to an increase in sports betting. The reasons behind this are that unemployed people will seek a source of income, and for a continent with a keen interest in sport, especially football, it is reasonable to assume that sports betting will spread throughout Africa, its proliferation being attributed to the large number of young people involved.

    3) Increasing digital literacy and mobile phone penetration

    The potential growth driver of sports betting economic activity stems from its shift from paper to digital ledgers and apps. Another reason why Africa is poised for a sports betting revolution is the rising penetration of mobile phones (with room to grow).

    Smartphone use across Africa is growing at an unprecedented rate. A third of mobile phone users now own a smartphone, and that proportion is set to double in the next five years. If sports betting becomes more digital, more intuitive and easier to use, then sports betting activity will continue to surge, taking Africa's sports betting to the next level.

    With the liberalisation of sports betting laws across Africa and the participation of millions of participants, it has become safer and fairer, and this is a crucial factor in making a real and lasting impact on Africa.

    Sports betting is not a modern invention. As long as there is movement, human beings will study the possibility of results. What has changed is the technology, and the ability to run sophisticated, reliable sports betting equipment. Sports betting is entering a new era with its ability to ensure that no books are piled up and it is operated legally and fairly. The realization of this technology, together with the favourable demographic changes taking place in Africa, has created opportunities for the spread of sports betting, thus contributing to economic growth.