Japan's "women's Messi" scored 5 consecutive goals

7/22/2021 4:45:49 AM

    Japan's "women's Messi" scored 5 consecutive goals

    On the 21st, in the first round of the Olympic women's team E, the host Japanese women's football team played against the Canadian women's football team at the Sapporo Dome. The two sides finally drew 1-1.

    Canada's 38-year-old forward Sinclair scored a goal in just 6 minutes, but the Japanese woman Messi Iwabuchi Mana scored the world wave before the end of the game. This was her fifth consecutive goal for the national team.

    Mana Iwabuchi is only 1.56 meters tall, with big eyes and a round face. Japanese fans call her "Lori Messi". Now playing for Arsenal in the Premier League, she is also the absolute trump card of the Japanese team.

    Mana Iwabuchi was selected for the Japanese national team at the age of 17, and with the Japanese team won the 2011 World Cup champion, the 2012 London Olympic silver medal, the 2015 World Cup runner-up and the 2019 East Asian Cup champion. In the 2019 East Asian Cup, the Chinese women's football team lost 0-3 to the Japanese women's football team. Iwabuchi Mana staged a hat-trick in 48 minutes.

    At this Olympics, Mana Iwabuchi wore the No. 10 jersey for the first time in the national team. She said: "This is my best state so far. I want to help the team win the championship."

    In the 84th minute of the game, the Japanese team made a long pass on the right to hit behind. Mana Iwabuchi used his speed to move forward-in front of the penalty zone line, facing the ball without stopping, he hit the goal with his right foot and the ball jumped into the dead corner on the right. The Japanese team tied the score 1-1.

    Mana Iwabuchi scored for the national team in 5 consecutive games, surpassing the Japanese national team coach Asako Takakura and legend Sawaho Nozomi, becoming the player with the most consecutive goals in the Japanese women's national team in a century of history. In the past 5 games, Iwabuchi Mana scored a total of 7 goals.