Chinese Women's Football VS Zambia Women's Football

7/23/2021 4:02:13 AM

    Zambian women’s football is an upstart in Africa. This is the first time in the history of Zambian women’s football that it has appeared in the Olympics. In the previous African qualifiers, Zambian women’s football qualified for the Olympics after winning 1.5 tickets. They defeated them in two rounds at home and away from the Cameroonian women's football, broke out in popularity.

    The captain of the Zambian Women’s Football Team, Barbara Banda, plays for the Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank of the Chinese Women’s Super League. She has scored 18 seasons throughout the season and won the golden boots in the first season of the Women’s Super League, which is enough to see Out of the strength of Barbara Banda, she is also very familiar with the Chinese women’s football players, such as Wang Shuang, Wu Haiyan, etc. The team lost to the Netherlands 3-10 in the first round of the Olympic Games but faced a strong team, Scored 3 goals still showed a certain degree of offensive ability. Barbara Banda performed a hat trick in this game. The team's defense was really bad. The first scene was conceded 10 goals against the Netherlands. The defense seemed a bit too amateur. The team has lost 4 of the last 5 games. Even within Africa, they have also lost to the South African women's football, the Malawi women's football, and the Botswana women's football team.

    Chinese women's football ranks 15th in the world. Zambia women's football ranks 104th in the world. The difference in strength can be seen from the ranking of the two teams. So what do you think?