The second round of the Olympic men's football group match is over!

7/26/2021 8:55:22 AM

    The second round of the men's football group stage of the current Olympic Games has all ended, the strength and status of the 16 teams have gradually surfaced, and the situation qualifying for the quarterfinals has gradually become clear.


    In Group A, the Japanese team won a full 2 wins. As long as they drew with France in the final round, they could lock the first place in the group. The Japanese team is also the only team to win two consecutive victories, but this does not ensure that they will qualify. If they end up losing to France by more than two goals and Mexico wins South Africa again, the Japanese team will be out of the group with a goal difference. Of course, the Japanese team and Mexico have the initiative to qualify, while the French team is at a disadvantage. They feel that their state does not value the results of the Olympics.

    The situation in Group B is very interesting. The four teams each win a game and score three points. In the final round, South Korea played against Honduras and New Zealand played against Romania. In the end, any result could happen, and the situation was confusing. The South Korean team has three-goal difference advantages, and their overall strength is very strong, so I think the South Korean team is very likely to occupy a qualifying spot.

    In Group C, Spain has the strongest paper strength to win the championship. They currently have 4 points and are ranked first. They will have to fight Argentina in the final round. Argentina currently only has 3 points. Considering that Australia may have a greater chance of winning Egypt. Yes, so Argentina will fight back. They were out of the team at the last Olympic Games. This time they are unwilling to repeat this embarrassment.

    Saudi Arabia, which has lost both games in Group D, has already exited early. The last game will be against Brazil. Brazil will win the game with little suspense. It is not a problem for Brazil to lock one qualifying spot. The other qualifying spot will be 4 points from C te d’Ivoire and 3 points for Germany. From time to time, given the seemingly touristy state of the German team, the odds of winning against C te d’Ivoire are relatively low.