Olympic Men's Football Mexico National Olympics VS Brazil National Olympics

8/2/2021 11:38:14 AM

Football prediction:
        Olympic Men's Football Mexico National Olympics VS Brazil National Olympics 2021-08-03 15:00

Football Prediction

       The Mexican Olympics are not traditional giants, but the team attaches great importance to the Olympics. The Mexican Olympics showed a very good offensive power in the group stage. They defeated the French Olympics 4-1 in the first game, and lost to Japan 1-2 in the second game. Austria won the South African National Olympics 3-0 in the final game of the group and qualified for promotion as the second place in the group. In the knockout matches, the Mexico National Olympics and the South Korean National Olympics fought against each other. The Mexico National Olympics was even better and eventually advanced with a score of 6-3. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time in the history of the Korean National Olympics that more than 6 goals have been conceded. , Enough to show the strong offensive power of the Mexico National Olympics. In the semi-finals, the Mexico National Olympics met their old rivals Brazil National Olympics. In the Olympic finals nine years ago, the Mexico National Olympics defeated the Brazil National Olympics and won the gold medal.

       The performance of the Brazilian Olympics in this Olympics can be described as very calm. Except for the first game against the German Olympics and won the game 4-2, the other games of the Brazilian Olympics are in control of the game. In the second game, the Brazil National Olympics drew 0-0 against the Côte d’Ivoire National Olympics. The team played more conservatively after being sent off. It is not surprising that the team played more conservatively. In the third match of the group, the Brazil National Olympics defeated the Saudi National Olympics 3-1. They won the first place in the group in three games and advanced smoothly. In the knockout round, the Brazil National Olympics met the Egyptian National Olympics. After the team advanced by one goal, the two teams had no achievements. The Brazil National Olympics finally defeated the Egyptian National Olympics 1-0 and advanced smoothly. Brazil's Olympics are under pressure to defend their champions. In addition, the semi-final opponent is Mexico's Olympics, and they have a chance for revenge.