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Sports Betting Bonus
The bonus rate is selected based on the number of selections with odds 1.2 higher.
Bets Types Max Bonus Rate
3-Folds 5%
4-Folds 10%
5-Folds 20%
6-Folds 30%
7-Folds 40%
8-Folds 50%
9-Folds 60%
10-Folds 60%
11-Folds 70%
12-Folds 80%
13-Folds 113%
14-Folds 125%
15-Folds 138%
16-Folds 150%
Bets Types Max Bonus Rate
17-Folds 163%
18-Folds 175%
19-Folds 188%
20-Folds 200%
21-Folds 213%
22-Folds 225%
23-Folds 238%
24-Folds 263%
25-Folds 275%
26-Folds 288%
27-Folds 300%
28-Folds 325%
29-Folds 338%
30-Folds or More 350%
* If some bet selections within your betslip are settled as returned, these bets will not count anylonger in determing the accumulator bonus, hence the bonus will be recalculated and based one the remaining unreturned bets that were won.
For example, for a 4 fold bet, the accumulator bonus should be 10%, but if maybe 1 selection from the bet was settled as return, then the accumulator bonus will change to 5% (i.e based on the remaining 3 selections).