Gambling Laws in Zambia

3/23/2021 11:02:34 AM

    Land-based gambling in Zambia is legal in much of its variety. The Zambian gambling legislation is composed of several laws that regulate the gambling activities in the country. These include: the Lotteries Act as amended in 1994, the Casino Act as amended in 1994 as well as the Tourism and Hospitality (Casino) Regulations No. 93 of 2016. All these acts make legal various forms of land-based gambling in the country. However, much of the online gambling sector is not regulated within the current Zambian gambling laws framework, the only exception being the online betting sector. In this regard, Zambia has been home of several online betting operators which are licensed under the current laws of the country to provide betting services in the country.

    The supervision of the land-based and the online gambling activities in the country is done by units within the Ministry of Tourism and Arts. The Ministry of Tourism and Arts also functions as an officially authorized body for granting licenses for organization and operation of games of chance in Zambia. Thus, according to the Tourism and Hospitality (Casino) Regulations No. 93 of 2016, all operators of casino are supposed to obtain a license from the Ministry to enable them operating in the country. According to Zambian gambling laws minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

    Easy Win Business license:under license by the WELFARE ZAMBIA LIMITED, is a company incorporated in the Republic of Zambia (Companies Registration No. 120170002767 ) and licensed by the Lotteries control board of Zambia.