Meat van driver wins £1 million on the Lottery scratch card

4/9/2021 5:33:42 AM

A stunned van driver landed a life-changing £1m National Lottery scratch card win - after quitting smoking.

John McFadden, 63, popped to the shops to buy a vape after deciding it was time for him to ditch the cigarettes.

With his change he bought a 50X Scratchcard - and was astonished to claim the top prize.

He has already splashed out on a new car and is planning a dream holiday to the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

Granddad-of-two John, from Southampton, said: “I knew I had to do something about my smoking.

“With the change from buying the vape, I bought a Scratchcard and took it home.

“When I started scratching it off, it said £50,000 under the first number and I thought ‘whoopee!’