The security guards win 6.7 million , continue to be a security guard after receiving the award

6/9/2021 8:10:00 AM

    After winning the big winings, people reacted differently. According to an African media report, a poor security guard in Zimbabwe won a $1 million prize after buying the lottery ticket. He hid the lottery ticket without telling his wife until he confirmed that he received the prize to disclose this good news. After receiving the award, he still works as a security guard.

    Ita-Gumba Khamba, 46, lives in the Mutare region of Zimbabwe. He started buying lottery tickets four years ago, but only once won a small prize of US$120.

    Allegedly, Ita's wife has always opposed her husband's purchase of lottery tickets, believing that this is a "waste of money".

    Ita bought the lottery that changed the fate of him, his wife and four children. The lottery won five numbers, which means that he can get a $1 million super prize. Facing the good news, he couldn't believe it was true.

    Ita said: "They told me that I won more than I thought, but I don't believe them."

    After returning home, Ita hid the lottery ticket to prevent his wife from discovering it, and did not tell his wife that he had won the jackpot. It was not until the lottery company contacted Ita to tell him the time to go to receive the prize, and the wife knew that the god of luck had come to her home.

    The wife said: "I will condemn him for playing the lottery as a waste of money, and his gambling will not bring any benefits. In order to prevent me from seeing, he finally did it secretly. When he told me that he won When I was $1 million, I was shocked. Now I understand that I should not question him, but support him. This has brought us a huge return."

    After receiving the bonus, Ita and his family will move into a new home from a humble residence, but he does not intend to give up his job. He claims that he is now a "million dollar security guard."