Olympic Men's Football Brazil National Olympics VS German National Olympics

7/22/2021 11:01:45 AM

Olympic Men's Football Brazil National Olympics VS German National Olympics 2021-07-22 20:30

       The Brazilian National Olympics have won medals in the previous three consecutive Olympics. In 2008, they won the bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics. In the 12th London Olympics, they lost to Mexico in the finals. Unfortunately, they won the silver medal. The team won the local Olympics last time, but Neymar did not go with the team this time, but was led by the overage player and veteran Alves. In addition, young talents include Martinelli, Risalisson and Malcolm. Brazil's Olympics is worth second only to Spain's Olympics, ranking second among all teams, and the overall strength of the team is still good. It is worth mentioning that the opponent of the last Olympics in the final of the Brazil National Olympics is the German National Olympics, the two teams staged a big show at the beginning.

       In addition to being runner-up in the last Olympic Games, the German National Olympic Games had previously missed six consecutive Olympic Games. The only time they won an Olympic championship was in 1976. Team coach Kontz is the champion coach of the U21 European Cup, but he only brought 19 people to play with the team this time, and did not bring 22 people. The players either refused to go to the Olympic Games or the club pressed them and did not let them go. Most of the team’s players are from the Bundesliga. The team’s overage players are Leverkusen midfielder Amiri, Wolfsburg midfielder Arnold and former international Kruze. They are worth £115 million. Far behind the opponents of Brazil's Olympics.